1. RADAR Bounty

    Prize: (1) $500 worth of BTC


    Build on the Lightning Network with helpful support from RADAR developer tools. Utilizing our SDK, APIs, and/or repo will help make your project easier to complete and will also qualify you for an additional $500 if your project places among the winners. To participate in the Bounty the project must fall under the Build Track.


    REDSHIFT Documentation -
    ION App Store API -
    RadarTech/ln-api-boilerplate — A boilerplate example project for creating lightning-enabled applications on top of LND - 

    Judge: RADAR Team 

  2. Bitrefill “Circular Economy” Bounty

    Prize: (1) $500 worth of BTC


    In addition to the standard tools, we’ll give special attention to people being #reckless by using tech like turbo channels, LNURL, fat channels, and other Lightning “hacks.”


    Judge: Justin Camarena, Lightning Lead and John Carvalho, CCO at Bitrefill 

  3. myNode Bounty

    Prize: (1) Physical myNode device, 1 product key to myNode premium software

    Qualification: Help add Samurai Dojo, BTC Pay Server, JoinMarket, Liquid, or other improvements to myNode

    Details: myNode software is open source. Anyone can contribute and add features. It's available on GitHub at
    Judge: Taylor H., myNode 

  4. SatoshisGames Bounty

    Prize: (1) $500 worth of BTC

    Submission must be a game and uploaded to 


    Judge: Carlos Roldan, CEO of SatoshisGames 

  5. Special bonus prize - CasaNode

    Prize: (1) Casa Gold membership

    Qualification: Any solo project could win this prize!

    Judge: Casa Team 

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