Hosted by RADAR ION

If you’re active in the Lightning Network community, now’s your chance to show off your skills and knowledge to help move adoption forward. In this virtual hackathon, developers and Lightning experts alike can compete to build an app or create quality content. And if you win, you’ll receive a cash prize from RADAR ION!

STRIKE gives you the chance to compete in two ways:


Your mission: build Lightning related applications! (Bitcoin Lightning Network only) 

Hardware and software app submissions are welcome.

To qualify, projects must: Utilize Bitcoin Lightning technology

BUILD Prize (3)


The top three submissions will share a prize pool of $3000.

Plus, there's a special RADAR bounty (1) of $500:

Build on the Lightning Network with helpful support from RADAR developer tools. Utilizing our SDK, APIs, and/or repo will help make your project easier to complete and will also qualify you for an additional $500 if your project places among the winners. To participate in the Bounty the project must fall under the Build Track.

RADAR bounty tools:

REDSHIFT Documentation -
ION App Store API -
RadarTech/ln-api-boilerplate — A boilerplate example project for creating lightning-enabled applications on top of LND - 


Create original educational content (text) about one of the following topics:

  • Node setup
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Channel Liquidity
  • Lightning User Experience
SHARE Prize (3) $500
Top three submissions will share a prize pool of $1500.

SLACK channel:

View full rules


Individuals who are at least the age of majority where they reside as of the time of entry are eligible to submit a project. Individual, Team, and Organization submissions will be accepted for each Track.


Create or build a project across one (or more) of the following categories:

  1. BUILD Track
  2. SHARE Track
  3. Bounties


  • Any Documentation & Submission Form
  • Access. A way to access your codebase, as well as your working project where applicable.


  • Document (link, pdf, or other formats) to the content you’ve written
    *All materials must be submitted on the Devpost website BEFORE Nov 18, 2019 (11:45:00pm Central Time, USA)

See BOUNTY tab for a full list of bounties. 


Rachel Rybarczyk

Rachel Rybarczyk
Software Engineer

Stacie Waleyko

Stacie Waleyko

John Carvalho

John Carvalho

João Almeida

João Almeida

Kevin Mulcrone
RADAR/Software Engineer

Cavan Flynn
RADAR/Engineering Manager


RADAR/Product Manager

Justin Camarena

Justin Camarena
Lightning Lead Developer/Bitrefill

Taylor Helsper

Carlos Roldan
CEO/Satoshis Games

Judging Criteria

  • Build Track
    You will be judged on the project’s - Product Usability - Business Viability - Technical Design and Implementation - Application of Bitcoin Lightning technology
  • Share Track
    Your content will be judged on being - Original - On Topic • Atomic Swaps • Channel Liquidity • Lightning User Experience • Node setup - Digestible - Accurate - Educational/informative
  • Bounty
    See bounty page for criteria